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Deaf Camp Jaspel 2025

World Deaf Camp Jaspel is for Deaf children and juniors and CODA children aged 9-12 years old from all over the world! The main goal of our camp is to promote leadership skills and strenghten the identity and pride of the sign language and Deaf culture in our children.

It is important to always sign up children with one person that is over 18 and is proficient in International sign that is going to be a leader. Every leader is going to have a group of 5 Deaf children or CODAs. One country is eligible to send more groups of 5, but there always must be 5+1 leader. The leader is going to be responsible for the safety of children, she/he is going to be looking after the group she/he was assigned and the leader is going to be dealing with any issues that migh come up.


The Camp is located in a small village called Veľké Zlievce. This village is situated approximately 140km from the capital city Budapest (Country Hungary).

Dates and transport

The exact date of the camp is 14th – 21nd of July 2025. It starts with dinner on the 14th of July and ends with lunch on the 21nd of July.

We recommend that you book your flight tickets (or bus or train) for the 14th of July 2025 at the latest by 2pm in Budapest (Budapest Airport, Hungary). There will be a shuttle bus from the airports to Veľké Zlievce (for an extra fee). Naspäť po skončení tábora v Budapest Aiport 3pm.

Shuttle bus fees (from the airport to the Camp and from the Camp to the airport):

Budapest – Veľké Zlievce 70 eur

The Program

The program will consist of activities that will develop leadership in sign language in Camp participants: playful education, sporting activities, cultural activities, lectures, trips…

The complete program will be set up and finalised by the end of June 2025.

If you would like to give a lecture or offer various activities (in which you are an expert) at the Camp, do not hesitate to contact us with your profile. From the submitted proposals we will select the ones that will be most suitable for the Camp. Please send an email with a description and profile of your lecture or activity to:


Attached is a document where you can find out what to do if something happens to your child.


The price includes meals 5 times a day (breakfast, brunch, lunch, after lunch snack and dinner). If your child has intolerance to food, allergies or special food requirements in terms of religious beliefs, it should be listed on the form so that we can meet all these requirements.



The total fee is 450eur (the price includes accommodation, full board – 5x per day, program and activities). The full price can be paid in installments, agreed by email: or whatsapp / facetime: +421944562234.

Important note:

It is everyone’s responsibility to arrange insurance himself and transport to Budapest (Hungary, airport) and then from Budapest. There will be shuttle busses from the Camp back to Budapest – 70eur.


Every parent will fill out an application. Please when you are filling up your application you already have to know, who is going to be the group leader of the group that your child is a part of. Costs regarding the leader is paid for by the families of the children. If you don’t have a leader for your children’s group, please let us know in the application form and we will secure a leader from the Jaspel Team.

Application form for 9-12 year olds:

Questions / Contact:

If you have any questions, you can email them at any time at:

We can also connect by video call and communicate in international sign via skype: or facetime: +421944 562 234


Please check the list of countries, if you need to obtain visas from the country you are coming from when traveling to Slovakia. Here’s a link to check it out:

If you need a visa, please let us know.

How much do leaders pay?

The price for the leader is the same as for any other participant of The Camp – 450eur (the payment for transport also applies). You have more options as to how to pay for the leader – YNAD/NAD, fundraising, sponsorship or parents pay for the leader together. From our experience mostly parents collect the money and pay for the leader who will take care of their kids.

If the leader collects more than 10 children, the leader doesn’t have to pay the fee. If 9 children and less, he/she has to pay the fee.

Role leaders

It is necessary that you find a leader who will be responsible for your children/juniors from the moment of their flight, all the time in Slovakia in The Camp and also until you as a parent come to pick your child up.
It is up to you, parents, to pick someone who is responsible and reliable that will take care of your children/juniors.
The leader will be always in contact with your children, he/she will be responsible to solve any issues, problems or needs, that your children might have. The leader will also check if the children/juniors are respecting all the rules of The Camp and of OC JASPEL. He or she will also deal with all the issues that may arise between children or if any accident happens. He or she will be also vigilant to any other form of abuse, if something will arise and will let us know and also will be translating from International Sign into national sign language.